With this tools you may rise your ratio without any traffic exchange.

All tools use code from BitFlu BitTorrent client,
which is written on Perl. Many thanks to it's author, Adrian Ulrich.
I've used very first release of this client.


btannouncer-simple.pl a tool to issue a single command to the tracker. Any announce parameters may be given.
announce-simple.sh the helper for the btannouncer-simple.pl
btannouncer.pl full functioanl BitTorrent tracker client. Can "upload" at any specified speed. Have several "anti-catch" facilities (no more 8 hours processing, shutdown at any unusual tracker behavior, realistic traffic flow imitation, etc.)
announce.sh helper for the btannouncer.pl

Download tar.bz2

Useful info

The code from some tracker to determine the type of client (PHP).

Registered peer_ids

A sample client announce (request to tracker).

GET /announce.php?passkey=00000000000000000000000000000000&info_hash=%00%00%0000%00%000%00000000%00%00%00%000&peer_id=-UT1710-000000000000&port=23514&uploaded=8742901&downloaded=2340&left=230&event=stopped&key=000f0d00&compact=1&numwant=200&supportcrypto=1&no_peer_id=1 HTTP/1.0
Accept-Encoding: gzip
User-Agent: uTorrent
Host: bt.tracker.net

BitTorrent protocol specification